Radioklub OK2KJT
Pavel Masař
Leskovec 166
Valašská Polanka
756 11
Czech Republic

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VHF Contest 2007
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QSO Recording
Stefan DL1ELY of DR5A
09.09.2007 23:03     Reaguj
Hi! You can find the MP3 of our QSO at Enjoy!
Zbyněk OK2PIN 
10.09.2007 07:55     Reaguj
Hi Stefan, thank you for extracting our QSO. It is nice to hear ourselves!
Stefan, DL1ELY of DR5A
03.09.2007 13:48     Reaguj
Hi Guys, great job on your signal, you were clearly audible in JO30EM on 144.397 over many hours every time we listened around the band. Well done, and thanks for the QSO. See you in October UHF contest!

 Band QSO 
144 MHz87185
432 MHz22193
1.3 GHz8058
2.3 GHz1501
3.4 GHz573
5.7 GHz672
10 GHz2994
Logs 1279
QSO 123176

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