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Polní den 2017 (OK2C)
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Slavko S59GS
04.07.2017 05:41     Reaguj
GM, TNX for 3cn QSO,next time when will be excellent weather condition ,or strong scp , we can try also on 24 GHz ( here enough power & preamplifier ) , I know that 471 km is extremely large, we need time for more testing time-also more test in this and next years , because OK2KJT-OK2C team have very good operators with good signals on GHz here in my side and all contest time QRV & all contests activity in year.. 73 de Slavko S59GS
Zbyněk OK2PIN 
04.07.2017 08:01     Reaguj
Hello Slavko, we are looking forward to another GHz band QSOs. Unfortunately, 24 GHz died after first QSO but will be QRV in October UHF contest again.

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